THE Singularity: the only one with real life consequences

What’s That Smell? Exotic Scents Made From Re-engineered Yeast By ANDREW POLLACK Published: October 20, 2013

Excerpt: “The products, which taste or smell nearly the same as the real thing, are coming quickly and even moving beyond flavors and fragrances to include other commodities, like rubber and drugs.”

My comment: Reese Jones’ presentation on Singularities (below) conflicts with what is currently known about THE Singularity, which I have modeled in the context of nutrient-dependent pheromone-controlled adaptive evolution. His obfuscation of biological facts exemplifies the nonsense of academia that prevents the ‘trickle-down’ of what is currently known about conserved molecular mechanisms from reaching the masses. In this case, however, his 43 minutes of nonsense can be compared with a 5 1/2 minute-long review of my poster presentation from earlier this year.

The presentation Reese Jones made on Singularities ends with discussion of synthetic biology in yeasts. My model of biological facts begins with nutrient-dependent pheromone-controlled reproduction in yeasts. In my model, THE Singularity links physics to the biology of nutrient-dependent reproduction. Reese Jones either has no knowledge of this, or is ignoring THE Singularity because it is central to my model of epigenetically-effected genetic predispositions and the thermodynamics of organism-level thermoregulation in species from microbes to man. See how he responds to an accurate representation of facts, after watching the video below.

Oct 20, 2013 I wrote on the Facebook Page of Reese Jones:

Despite any comments you have made here, you have not attempted to address my question about the biophysics of thermodynamically-calibrated organism-level thermoregulation and its stability. That stability is required for all life to exist. Your obfuscation (e.g, directing me to other information without simply telling me that it states viruses are “life”) or telling me something else pertinent to attempts to discuss life’s origins — the topic of this series of posts — tells the best story that can be told by anyone about anything. It’s a story about nothing of importance to anyone other than academically irresponsible people who claim to know much, but explain nothing and cannot answer questions from their claimed area of expertise. Please consider changing the name of Singularity U to SingulariTIES U so that others might immediately recognize how much BS they will be subjected to if they ask questions about anything. Meanwhile, which of the “singularities by Reese Jones” can be achieved without firsthand knowledge of the biophysics that enables the expression of a single OR allele and its stabilization? Feel free to simply say “I don’t know” because it is obvious that you haven’t a clue about anything in the universe. It’s all a big secret to you, isn’t it?

Reese Jones responded:

James your condescension is tiresome. You’re a bully and mostly a spammer (you are obviously unreceptive to constructive or helpful feedback, likely because of either religious dogma (control & creationism) and/or socio-pathology) & have a self evident money/spam motive.

You spam here because you sell drugs for money making claims about human health and science. You have no FDA or FTC approval nor FDA validated scientific support for “your claims” or your branded “drug products” as sold across state lines. Your human health claims and drug sales business at “” should be investigated for legal, safety and regulatory compliance. You have no audience (scientific or social) for good reason.

In the meantime you should stop spamming here and stop bullying people on Facebook (or do so on your own wall, but not here) PS I don’t promote or sell vitamins, never have, a further indication of how very poor your basic research capabilities are, how misguided your misrepresentations are and your psychosis or religious agenda perverts your comments

Goodbye James Kohl – I’ve never before had to defriend anyone on Facebook, even people who’ve sent me death threats eventually normalize their social communications, go quiet or leave.

Evidently James, despite repeated requests to normalize your conversation, you can not and will not change your conduct, condescension, spam and aggression towards many many people with regards to your Facebook comments – thus you represent a risk to yourself and others seeking civil discussion here – so dear readers, if you want to relentlessly argue with a narcissistic modern creationist (with delusions of personal theoretical grandeur) you know where to find James


It won’t be much longer until attacks on my credibility like the ones Reese Jones has continued to make will be recognized for what they really are. Attempts to fake knowledge of cause and effect when the role of epigenetics has become perfectly clear in the context of natural variants and adaptations in species from microbes — such as yeast — to man, will end when others question people like Reese Jones.


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