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Epigenetic effects underlie sexual preferences IV

January 2, 2013 James V. Kohl 0

I include more information about the molecular mechanisms responsible for “…sex-specific regulation of miRNA levels that are known to influence sexually dimorphism of mRNA concentrations in the brains of mice” and in other species from microbes to man.

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Human Pheromones and sex differences in brain maturation

December 10, 2011 James V. Kohl 0

The effect of GnRH on secretion on luteinizing hormone/follicle stimulating hormone ratios and steroidogenesis, links social odors to brain maturation across species of mammals, as well as vertebrates. Experience-dependent brain-directed behaviors should be as variable as would be expected by the association between food odors and food preferences.

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The Sex Lives of Insects: Part III

August 2, 2011 James V. Kohl 0

The “rules” of the required molecular biology involve ligand-receptor binding. For example, from yeasts to mammals, genetic conservation of the ligand: gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH), and the diversification of its receptor (GnRHR) are part of the rules.