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Human Pheromones and Common Scents: Plants and Perfume

April 24, 2012 James V. Kohl 0

The common molecular mechanisms place the human pheromone-deniers in a catagory that could only be reserved for those who think that plant odors (as in food odors) do not have the same epigenetic effects on intracellular signaling as pheromones do in species from microbes to man.

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People select specific fragrances that suit their individual body odor

April 9, 2012 James V. Kohl 0

Our results indicate that people select specific perfumes that suit their individual body odor and they thus provide an insight into the highly individual nature of perfume choice.”

Individual body odor (i.e., pheromones) enhances appeal as does fragrance use. This is the concept of human pheromone-enhanced fragrances that I detailed in Human pheromones and food odors: epigenetic influences on the socioaffective nature of evolved behaviors.

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The Emperor of Scent (revisited)

March 29, 2011 James V. Kohl 0

It takes many years to gain acceptance — even of the most obvious of new concepts. No matter the logic, the concept could still be wrong. And who is willing to risk their academic reputation by siding with someone who might be wrong? If he’s right, however, there’s always time to begin support — when others do so.