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Pheromones and multicellularity

August 17, 2012 James V. Kohl 1

…chemical signals akin to species-specific pheromones are responsible for the ligand-receptor binding that enables the progression to colony formation as a more effective means of nutrient acquisition.

Species specificity in gene expression in the brain

August 7, 2012 James V. Kohl 0

Chemical ecology is, of course, responsible for adaptive evolution via ecological, social, neurogenic, and socio-cognitive niche construction (i.e., brain development). How could anything else but chemicals (nutrient chemicals and pheromones) be responsible for similarities and differences in cell types of the brain in different species?

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More bird-brained behavior

August 2, 2012 James V. Kohl 0

evolutionary theorists cannot, without question, make the assumption that we are primarily visual creatures. The basis for that assumption was a non-existent avian model