Cosmos: no facts; just theory

Creationists demand equal airtime on Neil deGrasse Tyson’s ‘Cosmos’ to provide ‘balance’

By Travis Gettys
Friday, March 21, 2014 14:10 EDT

Excerpt: “Tyson recently said science reporting should not be balanced with nonscientific claims, so that seems unlikely he would offer that sort of fallacious argument on his own show.

“You don’t talk about the spherical Earth with NASA, and then say let’s give equal time to the flat Earthers,” Tyson told CNN. “Plus, science is not there for you to cherry pick.”

My comment: The entirety of neo-Darwism is based on cherry-picking of what population geneticists who bastardized Darwin’s theory have been telling us for the past 80 years. Darwin insisted that ‘conditions of life’ be given first consideration and population geneticists decided to forget ‘conditions of life’ and tell everyone that mutations somehow caused evolution. That’s not biologically plausible, but biological facts do not matter to theorists. They need only look at morphological differences to make their determination of cause and effect.

Yep, them there mutations did it; see here: the fawn-colored moths that ate the lead- and manganese leaves changed to peppered colored moths and predatory birds — not the pheromones of female moths — controlled the reproduction of the moths. And, if that’s not enough proof of mutation-driven evolution, just look at those folks with the mutated hemoglobin variant who have either sickle cell disease or the trait. If not for the mutation, they could not have evolved from other primates — unless dietary supplementation with fermented milk products containing higher levels of vitamin D stabilized their genome in areas where malaria is endemic. If that’s what happened, the sickle cell variant is like all other 1181 monoallelic hemoglobin variants, which are not mutations. But, like the theorist said, just look at the skin pigmentation in those folks. It’s like they were fawn colored moths that mutated into people with darker skin.

Enough sarcasm! Creationists do not need equal airtime. Neil deGrasse Tyson needs to learn about how ecological variation leads to ecological adaptations in species from microbes to man, and quit touting nonsensical theories that he thinks might be supported by experimental evidence. They never have been. The population geneticists just made up all their theories as if they were bird watchers and butterfly collectors.

“The notion has gained some currency that the only worthwhile biology is molecular biology. All else is “bird watching” or “butterfly collecting.” Bird watching and butterfly collecting are occupations manifestly unworthy of serious scientists!” Dobzhansky (1964)

Evidence of evolution from bird-watchers and butterfly-collectors probably should not be entered into evidence on Cosmos, or any other TV show.

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