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Epigenetics: Not in Our Genes

June 29, 2012 James V. Kohl 0

The 10-page article details how the epigenetic influences of nutrient chemicals and pheromones are responsible for adaptive evolution of the required ecological, social, and neurogenic niche construction

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Where is the love?

June 22, 2012 James V. Kohl 0

If you want to know where love is, you can find out by following the path from your nose to the brain via the epigenetic effects of food odors and pheromones on hormone-secreting nerve cells, not one that somehow links pictures to love and sexual desire. There’s no model for that!

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Hacking the Genome

June 15, 2012 James V. Kohl 0

The arrogance of evolutionary theorists who have yet to learn anything about how natural selection continues to epigenetically alter our DNA via the effect of nutrient chemicals and pheromones is like a weight to be dragged forward into a new age of explanations coming from molecular biology.