A fear of pheromones (revisited)

March 31, 2012 James V. Kohl 0

Unlike androstadienone or any other androstene, the mixture of androstenol and androsterone has been shown to cause changes in women’s flirtatious behavior and in their self-reported level of attraction to the man wearing the mixture

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Modeling odor processing in microbes, mice, and mankind

March 27, 2012 James V. Kohl 0

Whether it is called tuning, calibration, control, or standardization, the direct effect of chemical stimuli on intracellular signaling and gene expression occurs as other sensory input is processed. Simply put, cause and effect are directly linked to chemical stimuli and gene expression at the same time other sensory input is processed.

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History of intelligence (550 words)

March 6, 2012 James V. Kohl 0

Are others willing to simply skip from asexual reproduction in microbial cells to the biologically based evolution of human language sans sexual reproduction; the mammalian placenta; and de novo genes required for the evolution of human intelligence, consciousness, and our cultural processes?