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From deep time into real time: What evolutionary processes?


Rapid evolution of a native species following invasion by a congener Abstract excerpt: “…the lizard Anolis carolinensis moved to higher perches following invasion by Anolis sagrei and, in response, adaptively evolved larger toepads after only 20 generations.” My comment: This…
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genetic code RNA medium

ALPHA GENOMIX LABORATORIES INC Alpha genomics (for those unfamiliar with their spelling) Re: On this team, Dr. Hani El Shawa, is also first author of Prenatal Ethanol Exposure Disrupts Intraneocortical Circuitry, Cortical Gene Expression, and Behavior in a Mouse Model…
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Unassailable evidence vs assumptions

genetic code RNA medium

Putting the theory before the data: Is “massive modularity” a necessary foundation of evolutionary psychology? Excerpt 1) “Anyone who attends HBES, EHBEA, ISHE or any of the other conferences dedicated to the approach will discover that new fields of study…
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Genotype, observed phenotype, and distinctly disordered behaviors

social interaction and brain

Schizophrenia not a single disease but multiple genetically distinct disorders September 15, 2014 By Jim Dryden News article excerpt: “Genes don’t operate by themselves,” said C. Robert Cloninger, MD, PhD, one of the study’s senior investigators. “They function in concert…
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Behavior (3): All responses are RNA-mediated in bees


See: Honey bees as a model for understanding mechanisms of life history transitions. Excerpt: “In this review we discuss the physiological and genetic mechanisms of this behavioral transition, which include large scale changes in hormonal activity, metabolism, flight ability, circadian rhythms,…
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Behavior (2): All responses are RNA-mediated not genetically-determined


Diana Maria Petrosanu also asked: “who was the author of the article that had stolen your ideas?“ I cannot recall claiming that anyone had stolen our ideas or my ideas. See: Behavior: The first response is RNA-mediated not genetically-determined. In…
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Mechanisms that are not understood increase clarity

Genetic code

Science 12 September 2014: Vol. 345 no. 6202 pp. 1240-1241 DOI: 10.1126/science.1252966 Perspective RNA Function RNA and dynamic nuclear organization John Rinn1,2,3, Mitchell Guttman4 Excerpt: “While the mechanism for how lncRNAs establish these domains is not fully understood, it is…
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Evolutionary heritage or ecological adaptation? Racism versus reality


Jewish Heritage Written in DNA Fully sequenced genomes of more than 100 Ashkenazi people clarify the group’s history and provide a reference for researchers and physicians trying to pinpoint disease-associated genes. By Kate Yandell | September 9, 2014 Excerpt: These…
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Controlled adaptations of coexisting ecotypes


“Evolution was defined as “changes in gene frequencies in natural populations.” The accumulation of genetic mutations was touted to be enough to change one species to another…. No, it wasn’t dishonesty. I think it was wish fulfillment and social momentum….
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Biophysically constrained beginnings of RNA and DNA


Any anonymous participant in the discussion of: DNA may have had humble beginnings as nutrient carrier (Sep 01, 2014 by Adam Hadhazy) asks: “when are you going to keep quiet?” In a series of responses, I have explained the problem…
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