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Do not trust pseudoscientists


Trust a Scientist: Sex Addiction Is a Myth A psychologist explains why sex addiction therapy is more about faith than facts, as told to Tierney Finster Excerpt 1)  During withdrawal, the brains of addicts create junctions between nerve cells containing…
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Chemical ecology and RNA-mediated control of DNA loops

terrarium eco system

DNA Loop-the-Loops A new full-genome map indicates how DNA is folded within the nuclei of human cells.By Kate Yandell | December 11, 2014 Excerpt: “…many loops were conserved among cell types, and even between mice and humans. But others seemed…
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Ecological adaptations reported as evolution in insects and mammals


Evolution of mosquito preference for humans linked to an odorant receptor Excerpt: “Our results also provide insight into the molecular basis of behavioural evolution.” See their diagram in Extended Data Figure 3: Amino acid differences of major Or4 protein alleles….
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Evolution of sex differences in cell types: more pseudoscientific nonsense

Demography can favour female-advantageous alleles Excerpt: “Models with coevolution of local adaptation and dispersal very rarely include sexual reproduction [20,21], even though local variation in sex ratio have been identified as increasing extinction risks [22–24] and can be a significant…
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