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The biologically-based origin of the mammalian placenta

The past is not the key to the present

Summary: In this open access journal article, Gunter Wagner’s group eliminates assumptions about mutations and ends the obfuscation of biologically-based cause and effect. Experimental evidence links ecological variation via non-living viruses to ecological adaptations manifested in the biodiversity of morphological…
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Sex determination via conserved molecular mechanisms

1) Structure–function analysis of mouse Sry reveals dual essential roles of the C-terminal polyglutamine tract in sex determination (2014) Excerpt: “We demonstrate, using a combination of biochemical, cell-based, and transgenic mouse assays, that this domain plays essential roles in both protein stabilization and transactivation of…
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Human Pheromones and sex differences in brain maturation

The effect of GnRH on secretion on luteinizing hormone/follicle stimulating hormone ratios and steroidogenesis, links social odors to brain maturation across species of mammals, as well as vertebrates. Experience-dependent brain-directed behaviors should be as variable as would be expected by the association between food odors and food preferences.