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Achiral GnRH: no prophesy, just prediction


Predictions build on facts, mysterious “tongues” do not. (1 Corinthians 14:2-4) Effective communication demands that audiences understand what serious scientists and theologians can or cannot predict. Predicting the end of evolutionary theory or the end of the world by focusing…
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Pattern recognition from microbes to man


  Commensal bacteria play a role in mating preference of Drosophila melanogaster Excerpt: “The major findings of this study are (i) diet-induced mating preference occurred in D. melanogaster after only one generation on different growth media and was maintained under…
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Deficiencies prevent repair: Mutagens and Multivitamins


Mutagens and Multivitamins Not one to shy away from controversy, Bruce Ames has pitted himself against industry groups, environmentalists, and his peers through his work identifying DNA mutagens. And he’s not done yet. By Megan Scudellari | June 1, 2014…
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