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Olfaction, ecology, and intelligence


“I should think we might fairly gauge the future of biological science, centuries ahead by estimating the time it will take to reach a complete comprehensive understanding of odor. It may not seem a profound enough problem to dominate all…
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Model organisms: the birds and the bees

social interaction and brain

Bird Genomes Abound Scientists complete the largest-ever comparative genomic study of birds. By Ruth Williams | December 11, 2014 Excerpt: “Birds are model organisms for a number of human behaviors and conditions—For example, Jarvis compares vocal learning in birds and…
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Nutrients pheromones and cancer


Watson dings genetics, Irish, fellow Nobelist By Gary Robbins2:45 p.m.March 21, 2013 Pheromones and cancer Excerpt 1: “most of the experiments we do are irrelevant … We’re not going to cure cancer by doubling the money. We’re going to do…
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