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Archive for Sexology. Author’s copy: The Mind’s Eyes (21092 words)

social interaction and brain

The Archive for Sexology where the author’s copy of this award-winning article has been available for several years has been solely supported for 10 years by the efforts and expenses of Professor Erwin Haeberle. I learned that he is unable…
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Physics is dead without a link to chemistry and molecular biology


Stephen Hawking tells Google ‘philosophy is dead’ Physicist Stephen Hawking has told Google’s Zeitgeist conference that philosophers have not kept up with science and their art is dead Excerpt: In a 40-minute speech, Prof Hawking said that the new “M…
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How much good can be attributed to social science theories?

thinking forbidden

Battle between NSF and House science committee escalates: How did it get this bad? Excerpt: “The public deserves an explanation for why the NSF has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on musicals about climate change, bicycle designs, and a…
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“Kardashians” in science

On “Kardashians” in science and the general relationship between achievement and fame Posted on September 19, 2014 by Lascap Excerpt Ultimately, it is all about the relevance of one’s contribution. But trying to discredit an increasingly important form of academic…
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Cute misrepresentations of cause and effect


The science of cute   How cute is that? ‘Our focus on objective affective reactions to identify core hedonic processes takes its lead from Darwin’s original book on emotion over a century ago [12]. Darwin noted distinctive affective expressions (facial,…
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