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Science fiction, not theories, predicts facts

The past is not the key to the present

Electric fields affect wing movement, leading to agitation and changes in brain chemistry Excerpt: The effect on the wings being moved seems to agitate the flies, as revealed by changes in their brain chemistry. Flies exposed to an electric field…
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In theory, or supported by experimental evidence?

terrarium eco system

Carl Zimmer typically makes statements like the one below without prefacing them with “in theory.” That’s how he establishes the bias towards evolutionary theory in nearly everything he reports. For example: “During the development of eggs and sperm, each pair…
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Behavior (2): All responses are RNA-mediated not genetically-determined


Diana Maria Petrosanu also asked: “who was the author of the article that had stolen your ideas?“ I cannot recall claiming that anyone had stolen our ideas or my ideas. See: Behavior: The first response is RNA-mediated not genetically-determined. In…
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