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RNA-mediated.com (topic descriptions)

The life cycle of an mRNA in a eukaryotic cell RNA is transcribed in the nucleus processing, it is transported to the cytoplasm and translated by the ribosome. Finally the mRNA is degraded

Another companion domain has been added to the ScentofEros.com; Pheromones.com, PerfumingtheMind.com collection Intro to topics/catagories at RNA-mediated.com Information that links physics, chemistry, and molecular epigenetics from ecological variation to ecological adaptations via RNA-mediated events, such as the de novo creation…
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Atheism: Arrogant, useless, and divisive ignorance


Scientific Seeker Stuart Kauffman on Free Will, God, ESP and Other Mysteries By John Horgan | February 4, 2015 Excerpt: Horgan: What do you make of the antipathy toward religion expressed by Richard Dawkins and other “New Atheists?” Kauffman: … moral…
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