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Understanding cell type differentiation

Genetic code

The Wisdom of the Fly Crowds by Ed Yong Excerpt: “This is a landmark study of collective behaviour,” says Iain Couzin… “Never before has it been possible to unweave the intricate coding of social behaviour during collective decision-making.” When it…
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The importance of olfactory receptors


Smell Turns Up in Unexpected Places By ALEX STONEOCT. 13, 2014 Excerpt: “I’ve been arguing for the importance of these receptors for years,” said Dr. Hatt, who calls himself an ambassador of smell, and whose favorite aromas are basil, thyme…
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De novo gene Creation sans evolution of genes via mutations


Where do genes come from? – Carl Zimmer The pseudoscientific nonsense touted in this video has been refuted by decades of experimental evidence. The experimental evidence links RNA-directed DNA methylation from nutrient-dependent amino acid substitutions to the de novo Creation…
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Mutation-driven evolution versus the physiology of reproduction

terrarium eco system

Not Exactly Rocket Science (National Geographic): Mercenary Ants Protect Farmers With Chemical Weapons by Ed Yong Excerpt: “…they very astutely compare the mercenary ants to a human disease called sickle cell anaemia. It’s an inherited genetic disease that warps the…
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Human pheromones, nutrition, DNA, epigenetics


Natural selection for a well-nourished conspecific that is reproductively fit is ensured via the epigenetic effects of nutrient chemicals and pheromones.