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Nutritional epigenetics, exercise, and immune system integrity

terrarium eco system

Anti-inflammatory mechanism of dieting and fasting revealed Summary: Researchers have found that a compound produced by the body when dieting or fasting can block a part of the immune system involved in several inflammatory disorders such as type 2 diabetes,…
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The biologically-based origin of the mammalian placenta (2)

The past is not the key to the present

See also: The biologically-based origin of the mammalian placenta I’ll preface this follow-up on the origins of the mammalian placenta with comments that attest to foolishness of theoretical physicists who try to link Big Bang cosmology to neo-Darwinian theories about…
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Metabolism, fixation, health or neurodegerative disorder


“Shown is the location of the conserved regions encoding for the N-terminal chromo domain and the C-terminal MYST functional domain. An arrow denotes the position site of amino acid substitution E431Q.” Microarray Analysis Uncovers a Role for Tip60 in Nervous…
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Ecological adaptations link bats to humans


  Is Evolution Predictable? Excerpt:  “…evolution is not really predictable because too many chance events can knock it off course.” My comment: Ecological variation predicts nutrient-dependent pheromone-controlled ecological, social, neurogenic, and socio-cognitive niche construction via conserved molecular mechanisms manifested in the…
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Nutrition, pheromones and cancer (2)


See: Nutrition, pheromones and cancer Despite the inaccurate reporting of exeperimental evidence, the link from the nutrient-dependent pheromone-controlled microRNA / messenger RNA balance is becoming clearer. Unfortunately, due to the inaccurate reporting, others may need to take the free course:…
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Odors epigenetically effect differences in genetic predispositions


No two people smell the same Excerpt: “A difference at the smallest level of DNA—one amino acid on one gene—can determine whether you find a given smell pleasant. A different amino acid on the same gene in your friend’s body could…
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Epigenetic effects of viruses on cellular homeostasis


control of homeostasis by the epigenetic effects of proper nutrition and social stress inhibition might prevent our diet-driven and social stress-driven extinction.

Human pheromones, nutrition, DNA, epigenetics


Natural selection for a well-nourished conspecific that is reproductively fit is ensured via the epigenetic effects of nutrient chemicals and pheromones.