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Gut bacteria and pheromones

Gut bacteria mediate aggregation in the German cockroach Reported as: Cockroach swarming pheromones produced by gut bacteria Excerpt: … their study highlights the previously overlooked effect of gut flora in communication among insects. Next, they plan to investigate whether gut…
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Sex differences and thermodynamics: transcription vs mutations and racism


Transcriptomic dissection of sexual differences in Bemisia tabaci, an invasive agricultural pest worldwide Excerpt: “…in the near future, a study may also be focused about the Bt-tra2 splicing patterns in females with different types and densities of the bacterial symbionts….
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Psychobiotics: it’s milk; not a drug.


Psychobiotics: How gut bacteria mess with your mind 29 January 2014 by John Cryan and Timothy Dinan [subscription required to read full article] Excerpt: The bacterium Lactobacillus rhamnosus, which is used in dairy products, has potent anti-anxiety effects in animals, and works by changing the expression…
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