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An epigenetic trap (the prequel)

terrarium eco system

See also: An epigenetic trap (the sequel) Excerpt: “Support for the link from one epigenetic trap to cell type differentiation was included in the molecular epigenetics section of our 1996 review, which detailed how RNA-mediated chromatin remodeling occurs.” My comment:…
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Did our adapted mind evolve? (Revisited)


Did our adapted mind evolve? In my extended comments on this topic I concluded with “Experience-dependent changes in DNA methylation can exert profound effects on neuronal function and behaviour. A single learning event can induce a variety of DNA modifications…
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Molecular time travel: a misrepresentation of amino acid substitutions

Genetic code

Evolution depends on rare chance events, ‘molecular time travel’ experiments show Excerpt: Thornton and Harms then created millions of copies of this genetic template, using a method that introduced random mutations into every new copy, thus mimicking the variation that…
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Humans can do what?


Science 21 March 2014: Vol. 343 no. 6177 pp. 1370-1372 Humans Can Discriminate More than 1 Trillion Olfactory Stimuli Reported as: Humans can distinguish at least one trillion different odors, study shows Excerpt: “You might move to some part of…
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