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Let there be anti-entropic light (2)


Without knowing anything about the biophysically constrained chemistry of protein folding that links light-induced amino acid substitutions to the stability of DNA is the organized genomes from plants via bioluminescent bacteria in squid, the pattern of nutrient-dependent biologically-based cause and…
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Modeling conserved microRNA expression

translocated chromosome

Insects as models to study the epigenetic basis of disease Excerpt: “…selected insects can be used as models for human diseases with an epigenetic component because the underlying molecular mechanisms (DNA methylation, histone acetylation and the expression of microRNAs) are…
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From 3-D to epigenetically-effected 4-D genome make-up

terrarium eco system

Discoveries in 3-D Genome Make-Up and Genetic Changes: Clarification of differences amidst chromosome pairs and how gene expression is effected by chromosome folding Excerpt: “…offers a useful guide for future studies of the epigenome’s function in our evolution and diseases…
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Imagining that data historically supports evolutionary theory


1) Arguments in the evo-devo debate: say it with flowers! Abstract excerpt: A key question in evolutionary developmental biology is how DNA sequence changes have directed the evolution of morphological diversity. The widely accepted view was that morphological changes resulted…
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Physicists: Desperate Acts

Light induced conformer intercoversion of hydrogen bond

Participation on the FB group Thinking Allowed Original led to an invite by Ulla Mattfolk to participate on her secret group  Quantum Biology, coherence and decoherence. On January 22 at 11:45pm, discussion led me to ask whether biophotonic energy differences could be recognized by the photons at…
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No excuses: Creation and the meaning of organismal complexity


E.O. Wilson On ‘The Meaning Of Human Existence’ Excerpt: “We’re one species — glorious though we are — we are just one species out of an estimated eight million,” Wilson said. “At the present time, we only know almost exactly…
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Mathematical model: microRNA and epigenetic regulation

Genetic code

Hypothesis & Theory ARTICLE Front. Genet. | doi: 10.3389/fgene.2014.00345 Interplay of microRNA and epigenetic regulation in the human regulatory network. Excerpt: “…a detailed model of the epigenetic interaction and its relations with the cellular environment would be required, and this…
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Natural selection and sexual selection for thermoregulation

ISHE 2013 Poster photo

Variety is the spice of life, but diversity is controlled by natural selection and sexual selection for thermoregulation Article Excerpt: “As systems-level research, which integrates multiple types and levels of biological information, becomes more necessary to understand complex diseases, there…
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