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An epigenetic trap (the prequel)

terrarium eco system

See also: An epigenetic trap (the sequel) Excerpt: “Support for the link from one epigenetic trap to cell type differentiation was included in the molecular epigenetics section of our 1996 review, which detailed how RNA-mediated chromatin remodeling occurs.” My comment:…
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Are viruses microRNAs?


Evolution of Intelligent Viruses and Jumping Genes Conclusion: “…it is intelligent warfare between mobile genetic elements and the epigenetic responses of the cell that, most likely, determines evolution.” My comment: This conclusion appears to place biologically-based cause and effect into…
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An epigenetic trap (the sequel)


I will post this “sequel” before the “prequel” about light-induced amino acid substitutions because more attempts are being made to deny that the fact my colleagues and I detailed how epigenetic traps links the morphology and behavior of species from…
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