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Sulfated steroids and RNA-mediated identity codes

terrarium eco system

Summary: In two studies of human pheromones we linked a mixture of androsterone and androstenol to increased flirtatious behavior and reports of increased attraction to the male wearing the mixture. This blog posts explains the reason for the use of…
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Human pheromones: What should these idiots do next?


Human pheromones: Where did we go wrong? What should we do next? Excerpt: …if we are to find human pheromones, we need to treat ourselves as if we were a newly discovered mammal, and use the rigorous chemical methods and…
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Defining pheromone


Earlier today, I discovered a change to what Google displays as the definition of a “pheromone.” a chemical substance produced and released into the environment by an animal, especially a mammal or an insect, affecting the behavior or physiology of…
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Modeling conserved microRNA expression

translocated chromosome

Insects as models to study the epigenetic basis of disease Excerpt: “…selected insects can be used as models for human diseases with an epigenetic component because the underlying molecular mechanisms (DNA methylation, histone acetylation and the expression of microRNAs) are…
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In humans, smell is also the dominant sense


Perfume could be the riskiest gift you’ll ever buy February 13 2015 by 1) S Craig Roberts: Senior Lecturer in Psychology at University of Stirling 2) Caroline Allen: PhD Candidate 3) Kelly Cobey: Honourary Researcher (Psychology: Hormones and Behaviour) at University…
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The biologically-based origin of the mammalian placenta

The past is not the key to the present

Summary: In this open access journal article, Gunter Wagner’s group eliminates assumptions about mutations and ends the obfuscation of biologically-based cause and effect. Experimental evidence links ecological variation via non-living viruses to ecological adaptations manifested in the biodiversity of morphological…
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An epigenetic trap (the sequel)


I will post this “sequel” before the “prequel” about light-induced amino acid substitutions because more attempts are being made to deny that the fact my colleagues and I detailed how epigenetic traps links the morphology and behavior of species from…
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genetic code RNA medium

“The gene, cell, tissue, organ, organ-system pathway is a neuroscientifically established link between sensory input and behavior. Marts and Resnick (2007) stress the importance of this pathway in the context of a systems biology approach to pharmacogenomics.” (Kohl, 2012) “Naftolin…
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A model of MHC ‘evolution’

thinking forbidden

Sexual selection and the evolutionary dynamics of the major histocompatibility complex Excerpt: “Here, we present the results of the first model of MHC evolution incorporating both survival and reproduction, modelling the combined effects of natural selection and MHC-based disassortative mating…
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