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Pheromones and unconscious affects


Conducting a Field Test on Pheromones Excerpt: “…my pheromonal research suggests that any individual who is looking to elicit increased affection from women should 1) ask them what they’re reading 2) offer a compliment and 3) spill a bowl of…
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Theoretical physics and molecular biology

terrarium eco system

Astrophysical phenomenology meets pheromone-ology: Slugs that “eat light” Theoretical physics and molecular biology can be compared in the context of their explanatory power. For example (with my emphasis): Theoretical physics (2015): Firewall Phenomenology with Astrophysical Neutrinos Abstract: One of the…
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Quantum physics, quantum biology, and quantum consciousness


Has anyone but me attempted to link light-induced amino acid substitutions from quantum physics to quantum biology in the context of the following works? All five published articles appear to be linked to quantum consciousness by the chemistry of nutrient-dependent…
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