Ray and Terry’s vitamins: DHEA

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Excerpt: “The most abundant steroid hormone in the human body-DHEA, or dehydroepiandrosterone-is primarily produced by the adrenal glands and eventually converted into male and female hormones (androgens and estrogens) by your cells. Although it is a precursor to other hormones, it has now been shown to have its own physiological effects.”

Price (on 9/29/14): $12.75 for 25mg x 90 capsules (2250 mg).

Walmart price (on 9/29/14): $7.82 for 50 mg x 50 pills (2500 mg).

My comment: The two primary metabolites of DHEA are the ketone: androsterone, and etiocholanolone.  The idea of “Ketone bodies as signaling metabolites” can be traced back to Margolese, M.S. (1970) Homosexuality: A new endocrine correlate. Hormones and Behavior, 1, 151‑155. The endocrine correlate was the androsterone/etiocholanolone ratio.

Can Ray and Terry’s DHEA supplement be compared to the less expensive supplement in the context of the endocrine correlate? If the effect on the  androsterone/etiocholanolone was the same, and the increased ratio was subsequently shown to be an indicator of masculinity, an increase in the signal of masculinity would cost less at WalMart.  Alternatively, use of the androsterone/androstenol mixture in the Scent of Eros product for men, enables application of a controlled amount of what is probably a pheromone-enhanced


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