Physics is dead without a link to chemistry and molecular biology

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Stephen Hawking tells Google ‘philosophy is dead’

Physicist Stephen Hawking has told Google’s Zeitgeist conference that philosophers have not kept up with science and their art is dead

Excerpt: In a 40-minute speech, Prof Hawking said that the new “M Theory” of the universe was the “unified theory Einstein was hoping to find”.

My comment: Physicists like Hawking have not kept up with the philosophy that linked ecological variation to ecological adaptation via conserved molecular mechanisms in two science fiction novels published more than a decade ago. See Darwin’s Radio and Darwin’s Children.

This video represents Greg Bear’s invited 2004 address to the American Philosophical Society, which was published in the Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society.

For comparison to Greg Bear, it would be difficult to find someone more uninformed about chemistry and biology than Stephen Hawking. His ignorance of other scientific disciplines has been overshadowed by his expertise in physics. But, quite frankly, few people care about theoretical physics. Indeed, few care about anything that actually matters in the context of their beliefs about where we came from and why we are here.

Are scientists more or less religious than laymen?

Excerpt: “Scholars and highly educated people have always held complex and subtle views on religion, often holding beliefs that traditionally minded people regard as beyond the norms of religious dogmas.”

My comment: Hawking is a highly educated physicist who would rather claim that philosophy is dead than have others realize his ideas have no real explanatory power. Like evolutionary theorists, theoretical physicists have invented and defined their approach to facts. The evolutionists left physics and the chemistry of protein folding out of what they think is evolutionary biology.

Most physicists left out what is known about molecular biology. If people like Hawking can get you to think that philosophy is dead, they may also lead you from facts to theories touted by those who are ‘brain dead’ when it comes to knowledge of any other area of scientific expertise. We should not need to rely on science fiction novelists to predict developments that link ecological variation to ecological adaptations via conserved molecular mechanisms in species from microbes to man, which is what Greg Bear did. However, theorists have consistently shown us that their theories are unreliable and have no real explanatory power. They should stop acting as if they can explain biological facts and stop attempting to limit the philosophical approaches of those who can.

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