Forces of “Nature” (part 3)

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Straight up, with a twist: New model derives homochirality from basic life requirements


In every living thing on Earth, all amino acids are left-handed, and all sugars are right-handed.

Glycine is an achiral amino acid. It is the only achiral amino acid. Reporting that all amino acids are left-handed exemplifies the ignorance that prevents most theoretical physicists from linking their theories via chemistry to the conserved molecular mechanisms of life’s basis requirements.

In all vertebrates, the nutrient-dependent RNA-mediated substitution of glycine in the decapeptide gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) links food odors and pheromones to the stability of organized genomes. Simply put, achiral glycine links Darwin’s “conditions of life” to the stability of supercoiled DNA without the pseudoscientiific nonsense about mutations and evolution.

Humans are among the vertebrates with organized genomes that depend on insertion of the achiral amino acid glycine to link food odors to the human pheromones that epigenetically effect the hormones that affect human sexual behavior.  Without knowing that glycine is achiral, biologically uninformed science idiots are more likely to claim that human pheromones do not exist.

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