Facts, not opinions, link feedback loops to odor and pheromone signaling

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November 3, 2015

Your sense of smell can make or break a relationship  


No it can’t! What Do We Actually Know About Pheromones? July 12, 2013

Excerpt 1):

But Kohl’s products, which he likens to food spices (“They give you an extra kick!”), make some researchers roll their eyes. Dr. Jim Pfaus, professor of psychology at Concordia University in Montreal, is one of them.

My comment: Only opinions seems contrary to what is known about food odors and human pheromones. See also: William Swaney is another researcher who doesn’t agree with Nobel Laureate, Linda Buck and others. Feedback loops link odor and pheromone signaling with reproduction

Excerpt 2)

Dr. William T. Swaney, who studied pheromones in mice at McGill University in Montreal, hesitates to make such a leap from rodents to humans when it comes to odor conditioning. Sense of smell, he says, just isn’t as important for humans as it is for mice.

Can Pheromones Get You A Date? – Reactions

A mixture of androstenol and androsterone was linked to changes in the behavior of women, as would be expected under carefully controlled conditions that had nothing to do with the nonsense of getting a date, and nothing to do with the opinions expressed by either Swaney or Pfaus.

All serious scientists know that the feedback loops are present in all living genera. Only biologically uninformed researchers expect the feedback loops to cause humans to behave like the animals they study. Humans behave like the animals they are…. Typically, with restraint.

See:  Olfactory/Pheromonal Input, Human Female Sexual Preferences and Behavior



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