Model Organisms

Love is a receptor-mediated event: the pervasive influence of the late Robert L. Moss


The molecular biology of how nutrient chemicals calibrate the survival of individuals and how the metabolism of nutrients to pheromones that standardizes and controls species survival appears to link the nature and nurture of receptor-mediated behavioral development across species.

The cause of colony collapse could be a message for all of us

terrarium eco system

“The honeybee is a model organism for understanding the epigenetic link from food odors and social odors to neural networks of the mammalian brain, which ultimately determine human behavior.”

The Perversion of Science by Evolutionary Psychologists


“I should think we might fairly gauge the future of biological science, centuries ahead, by estimating the time it will take to reach a complete, comprehensive understanding of odor.”

Human pheromones work by effecting hormones that affect behavior


Copulins are olfactory/pheromonal stimuli from women (human pheromones) that appear to condition increased testosterone and sexual arousal in men.