An epigenetic trap (the sequel)


I will post this “sequel” before the “prequel” about light-induced amino acid substitutions because more attempts are being made to deny that the fact my colleagues and I detailed how epigenetic traps links the morphology and behavior of species from…
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The future of physics predicts no future for evolutionary theory


The ever-smaller future of physics ‘Theory of everything’ captures Weinberg’s imagination in Lee Historical Lecture Excerpt: “…there are hints that the answers to fundamental questions will reveal themselves at around a million billionths — between 10­-17 and 10-19 — of…
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Dual genomes: exposing the evolution industry

genetic code RNA medium

Multiple haplotype-resolved genomes reveal population patterns of gene and protein diplotypes Excerpt: “The CDP showed a significant overrepresentation of certain gene ontology (GO) groups (global tests Po0.001–0.009), using the programme FUNC23 (Methods). These groups included GPCRs, in particular olfactory receptors…
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Epigenetic Shaping of Sociosexual Interactions


Epigenetic Shaping of Sociosexual Interactions: From Plants to Humans “…is the first attempt to interpret the higher social functions of organisms. This volume covers an extraordinarily wide range of biological research and provides a novel framework for understanding human-specific brain…
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Late emerging epigenetic effects


The effects of perinatal testosterone exposure on the DNA methylome of the mouse brain are late-emerging Excerpt:  “…the emergence of sex differences in the brain may be a gradual process that is cemented over the organism’s life. Our data provide…
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Feierman’s pseudoscientific nonsense

terrarium eco system

Re:  Nutritional intake, psychiatric traits and pseudoscientific nonsense Follow up: Feierman and his friend James Gray are attempting to extend Feierman’s pseudoscientific nonsense to reach equally uninformed participants in a yahoo group that is owned by Robert Stonjek. See for…
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After the debate

Bill Nye and Ken Ham debate creationism at Creation Museum After the debate, I commented: Ecological variation and nutrient-dependent life controlled by the metabolism of nutrients to species-specific pheromones that control the physiology of reproduction has replaced mutation-driven evolution in…
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