Human Pheromones

Human Pheromones and the Biology of Behavior


“Symptoms” of well-understood brain activity are clearly established via rewards and experience-dependent conditioned preferences that depend on hormonal changes driven by the effects of odors. Food odors and social odors elicit these “symptoms” of activity

Wikipedia comments by James V. Kohl


I’ve culled these comments from wikipedia as a means to collect some of my thoughts. If ever I can determine how to get permission to edit the wikipedia pages, I will update the information there.

Natural scent of women linked to increased testosterone and seduction


Peer-reviewed journal articles detail the effects of natural odor from women on hormone levels in men, which are linked to behavior. Pheromone-enhanced fragrance products enhance the natural odor of women and can enhance attraction.

Biofiction, Philosophy, Pheromones, and Spirituality


The molecular mechanisms of bacterial conjugation are lovingly extended to marital love, philosophically and biochemically.

Epigenetics, science fiction, and scientific fact

terrarium eco system

…he also said that chemical signals between organisms can change genetic expression. This allows the social environment to modify gene expression in individuals and in their offspring.

Human pheromones work by effecting hormones that affect behavior


Copulins are olfactory/pheromonal stimuli from women (human pheromones) that appear to condition increased testosterone and sexual arousal in men.